Posterior Neck Muscles

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This website supports the old first edition of the Mastering Muscles & Movement textbook. The companion website for the new second edition of the book is


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Bodylight Books is dedicated to providing brain-friendly educational materials for students of the health sciences. Our current products are a textbook, flashcards to go with it, and support materials for students and instructors at schools that adopt the textbook.

The textbook is Mastering Muscles & Movement - A Brain-Friendly System for Learning Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Kinesiology. Please click on "The Book" link in the left sidebar to learn about the book.

The flashcards are a valuable resource for the student who wishes to memorize the muscles of the human body. They are called MusclePlus Flashcards because the illustration side of each card provides a muscle picture plus a bone picture showing the origin and insertion locations. Please click on "The Flashcards" link in the left sidebar to learn about these dual-illustration flashcards.

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