A Brain-Friendly System for Learning
Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Kinesiology

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Thinking Skull

Bony Landmarks
Practice visual and verbal

Blank Bone Cards
Make your own flashcards

Study Questions
Review each section of book

Action Tables
Synergists & antagonists

Muscle Tickets
Randomized muscle drills

MusclePlus Flashcards
Memorize muscle details

Muscle OIA Match-Up
Muscle info card game

Miscellaneous materials

Brain-Friendly Study Tools
Learn muscles, bones, more

Student Materials
Study aids for students

Instructor Resources
Powerpoint slides, etc.

Continuing Ed Graduates
For grads of CE classes

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Student Materials

Study Aids for Students of Anatomy

The materials listed on this page are for students at schools that have adopted the Mastering Muscles & Movement brain-friendly system for their curriculum. Most of these materials are in downloadable PDF format (you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them).

You must have a student password to access the Student Materials pages. Your instructor will give you your password.

(Note that the Web Apps - MusclePlus Flashcards and Brain-Friendly Muscle Viewer - can be used by anyone who has purchased the textbook, whether or not they are attending an approved school. To gain access, use the password F______ at the bottom of the copyright page in the textbook.)

Student Materials - Categories

Bones & Bony Landmarks

Study Questions

Muscle Tickets

Muscle OIA Match-Up Cards


Blank Bone Cards

Action Tables

MusclePlus Flashcards (Web App)

Brain-Friendly Muscle Viewer (Web App)

Sample Screens (click to enlarge):
Bony Landmarks of the Forearm
Bones & Bony Landmarks Sample
Blank Bone Cards
Blank Bone Cards Sample
Study Questions
Study Questions Sample
Actions at the Knee Joint
Action Table Sample
Muscle Tickets
Muscle Tickets Sample
MusclePlus Flashcard Sample
MusclePlus Flashcard Sample
MmOIA Cards
Muscle OIA Match-Up Cards Sample
Brain-Friendly Muscle Viewer
Brain-Friendly Muscle Viewer Sample

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