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The Neck, Jaw and Avenue of Expression

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Delving Deeper
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Delving Deeper

Somatic Explorations Series
dave Four
Deane Juhan
Dave Campbell
1 Connective Tissue: Re-Weaving the Web July 17-19, 2009
2 The Trunk: Core and Container Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2009
3 The Lower Extremity: From the Ground Up January 8-10, 2010
4 The Upper Extremity: Work, Play, Create April 9-11, 2010
These workshops may be taken individually
and are also designed to unfold as a developing series.

Location: Seattle, WA Each workshop = 24 CE Hours NCBTMB

To download a Delving Deeper series brochure, click here: Brochure (PDF 274KB)

This series is sponsored by Jack Blackburn Seminars in Seattle. Please go to Jack's web site for more information and to register. Click here: Delving Deeper

Series Origin and Overview
In early 2009, Deane Juhan and Dave Campbell got together to teach a special 3-day version of a Neck, Head & Jaw - Intraoral Endorsement class in Seattle. This collaboration was well received and many participants in the class expressed a desire to have more of these co-taught workshops. Deane and Dave were pleasantly surprised at how well their teaching styles complemented each other, and at the common ground they found in their approaches to working with the body/mind.

Inspired by the success of the Neck, Head & Jaw workshop, Deane and Dave have put together a series of workshops to tour the rest of the body. The first of the series is a multidimensional exploration of a key tissue that permeates the entire body: Connective Tissue. The remaining three workshops tour major areas of the body (except the areas previously covered in the Neck, Head, Jaw class). Each workshop will include lecture/discussion/multimedia presentations, hands-on work, and movement to fully explore the subject at hand.

Deane and Dave look forward to these collaborations, and invite you to come to one or more to create and learn with them!
Descriptions of the Individual Workshops
These workshops are designed to unfold as a developing series, and also to stand alone as individual subjects worthy of in-depth consideration. They will be offered approximately every 3 months beginning in July, 2009.

Delving Deeper 1 -  Connective Tissue: Re-Weaving the Web
Research has revealed that connective tissue is an extremely dynamic and energetic medium which does vastly more than physically contain and connect our pieces and parts. It is a fluid crystal, generator and semiconductor of electricity, exquisitely sensitive antenna, and purveyor of energetic and molecular continuity between all cells in the body. This workshop will deepen your understanding and effectiveness for working with this key tissue of the body. For more information click here: Connective Tissue

Delving Deeper 2 -  The Trunk: Core and Container
This workshop will explore the area of the body from the thoracic inlet to the pelvic floor, with its many layers of muscles and fascia, its many compartments, organs and tubes, its many life sustaining functions, its role as core support and anchor for locomotion, and its vulnerability to emotional and postural influences. We will consider the areas and structures individually, interconnected in sub-areas, and connected through the entire trunk and the rest of the body. For more information click here: The Trunk

Delving Deeper 3 -  The Lower Extremity: From the Ground Up
Our feet are our direct connection to the Earth and the platforms of our complex bipedal balancing act. The price that we have paid for the immensely creative use of our arms and hands has been the great responsibility thrown upon our feet, legs and hips for support, balance and locomotion. To serve us well they need to be exquisitely sensitive, extraordinarily strong, and consciously supported in their dynamic alignment and integral functioning. For more information click here: Lower Extremity

Delving Deeper 4 -  The Upper Extremity: Work, Play, Create
The muscles that empower the arms extend from the skull to the pelvis, attach to every vertebra and encompass the entire rib cage. They include some of the largest muscles of the body, as well as some of those that are the most prone to occupational and emotional stress. They are the source of a great deal of our creativity in the world; on the other hand they are also the cause of a wide variety of difficulties that can develop in relation to their habituated holding and repetitive movement patterns. For more information click here: Upper Extremity

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